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Global Leadership Seminars


Narrative Storytelling/Filmmaking with God

Christian faith movies have a reputation of being bad, unbelievable, and cliche. How can we redefine faith stories and introduce God in a more honest and relatable light to someone?

This seminar will discuss how we should challenge ourselves to find a verse that we could rely on to give us clarity, purpose, and to remind us who the ultimate storyteller is.

Speaker - Yohahn Ko

Yohahn Ko is a Korean-American writer/director focused on crafting faith-based, character-driven psychological thrillers. He currently owns his own media company called 2NDCINEMA LLC while also serving as a freelance director for the SF Giants, BayCreative, and many other startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is passionate about introducing to the world what the absence of God would look like in our lives through storytelling and inspiring young filmmakers to tell stories that they believe in. He enjoys basketball, traveling, and lots and lots of quality alone time.


The Cooking Life

The kitchen is filled with creative and passionate people, and is no doubt challenging. However working in that kind of environment is not for everyone. In this seminar, you will learn about what working in a kitchen is really like, what cooking can branch out to, and how God is still there amidst all the chaos. Maybe you'll learn how to cook too. 

Speaker - Richard Kong

Richard Kong is an alumni of the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. He has worked with many talented chefs, and is currently working under Chef Gin. Richard can cook most culturally specific dishes, but is most familiar with French and Korean food. He can talk about food for days, and enjoys all things athletic. Richard currently attends Light of Grace in Martinez. 

tommy lee

God's Omnipresence in the software engineering world

Life after high school seems scary now that you're supposed to be an adult and it seems to feel that God is so distant from your busy life. This seminar will not only be a testimonial on how God plays a part in the adult working life, but also a time to share that adult life isn't actually that scary living in this world of silicon valley as a software engineer.

Speaker - Tommy Lee

Tommy graduated from Purdue University and currently works as a software engineer in Sunnyvale. He currently serves as the praise leader for CORE Fellowship at San Jose Korean Presbyterian Church. His hobbies include basketball, volleyball, building Gundams, and eating.


Discovering myself through creative art

Do you enjoy the creative process? God is the creator of this world. God has created each and every one of us in His unique imago dei and with purpose for our lives. Living in this fast-paced, superficial, and consumerism culture, we have so little time to value our identity in who we are and the life that we have in God. Through this seminar you will be given a space to think about yourself in God's light and express yourself through creative mediums. We will also have a conversation about the process and what you have discovered through this creative process.

Speaker - Pastor Hesed Lee

Pastor Hesed is currently serving as the youth Pastor at San Jose Korean Presbyterian Church and as a director of Human Resources and Care with Streamside ministry with her husband. She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with Communication Art and finished her Masters in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Talbot Seminary. Currently she is pursuing her doctoral degree from Portland seminary in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. She has two very active children. Joy just entered junior high school and Jayden started 3rd grade. She loves spending time in nature, painting and art making, and going on family trips.

sangmin lee

Biblical Creationism and Science

When it comes to the origin of universe matters, there have been many controversies over the two views, creationism and evolutionism, not only in academic fields but also in churches. However, This seminar will give a clear picture, assuring, “the Answers are in the Bible”

Speaker - Dr. Sangmin Lee

Dr. Sangmin Lee is currently working as a member speaker of the World Creation Ministries and a staff member of the TVNEXT.ORG ministry as a creation scientist. He holds a PhD degree in Chemistry and is a former research engineer in several display companies in Korea and in Silicon Valley. His scholarly ambition seems to never end and he just begun to explore a new life course in a theological school.

pastor benjamin cha

Spiritual Growth is not Optional

God is not done with his work when we first believe and are saved.  God intends day by day to make us into what we already are in Christ.  In doing so, Spiritual Maturity is not optional or marginal in the Christian life.  Every person that truly believes in Christ must increasingly be transformed into His likeness.

Speaker - Pastor Ben Cha

Pastor Ben is currently the EM pastor at Agape Presbyterian Church by day and a dog walker by night. He finished his M.Div from Talbot Seminary and Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Seminary for multicultural ministry. He is the creative force behind OneBay ministry and also the co-laborer at One Voice. With coke-zero running through his veins, he enthusiastically battles each day God has given so if you want to learn to grow spiritually, come and check out his seminar.

pastor sam shin

Sitting at His Feet – QT Training

Believing in Jesus is not the same as sharing your heart in communion with Jesus. You can believe in Jesus and lack affection for Jesus. Just because you believe in Jesus does not guarantee you a great relationship with Him. To have a healthy and exciting spiritual life, thriving with joy, you must build a habit of sharing your heart with God in an intimate fellowship. In this sense, personal devotion, Quiet Time, is indispensable in the life of a believer. One of the key differences between all other religion and Christianity is the fact that all other religion says, "Go do something... do this and that," then you'll be 'saved.' But in Christianity, God says, "You can't do anything. Instead, rest in what I have done." He says, "Be still and know that I am God." God says to rest in his work, in his hands, in his power, in his presence. It's not about doing more but learning to rest more in the Lord. In a culture that is addicted to doing more, this goes directly against our nature!

Therefore, developing daily QT habit, setting aside time to praise, read the Word, and pray will establish an affectionate relationship with God. At times, QT can get confusing and dry, but if you persist, you will enjoy spiritual breakthroughs and blessings from God. God uses QT to... nourish, guide, nurture, grow, build, strengthen, bless...etc. In this short session, Pastor Sam Shin will teach one of the best ways to grow and be nurtured by the Word of God. Come. Learn. Grow!

Speaker - Pastor Sam Shin

Pastor Sam Shin is currently serving at Disciple Church in Milpitas, California as the lead pastor. He was working in the silicon valley as a graphic designer before God called him into Goldengate seminary for full time ministry as a pastor. He served churches in the Bay Area and Southern California for the last 20 years. His passion in life is to make disciples of Jesus wherever he serves. Pastor Sam lives with his wife, Yehee, and three children, Nathan, Ethan, and Esther.

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