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Pastor Faith Cho

Pastor Faith co-pastors alongside Reverend Dave, and is the mother to their four beautiful children, all of whom she had by the time she turned 30. She carries a contagious passion for life, and contends to see revival spread across the globe. Reverend Faith spearheads the justice front of The River and is also the director of The Honor Summit. In her downtime, you might find her enjoying a dirty chai latte and the darkest of chocolates! You can also catch her on her personal website Pearls by Faith.

Pastor Rus Ahn

Pastor Rus Ahn is serving as the youth and missions pastor for Concord Korean Baptist Church in Martinez, California. He has been married for nine years and has two energetic boys, Liam and Ryan. His vision is to challenge and train the young generation to pursue the Great Commission; to go and make disciples of all nations. He leads short-term missions to South East Asia 2-3 times a year. Rus loves to swim, ski, play the violin, taste different types of coffee and food as well as interior design.

Pastor Jonathan Lee

Pastor Jonathan Lee currently serves as the president of Streamside ministry and as a lead pastor of EM at San Jose Korean Presbyterian Church in Sunnyvale. Jonathan and Hesed have been married for thirteen years and has two children, Joy and Jayden. He is passionate about raising up global leaders to lead the next generation for the kingdom of God and serving the next generation to grow in their Christ-centered identity. He enjoys fishing, cooking, soccer, coffee, discipleship, and leading international mission projects.

Pastor Irwin Kim

Pastor Irwin Kim is serving as a youth pastor for Tri-Valley Presbyterian church and he has been working with youth and young adults in the Bay Area for more than two decades, focusing on bringing Asian American young people closer to God and be exemplary in their faith. He has led many youth-oriented revivals and retreats. He is blessed with a marriage over 20 years with his wife, Jenny, and has three children. He loves to hike and explore nature. He desires to raise up the next generation of God’s kingdom, blameless and pure, “children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation.” So that they will shine among them like stars in the sky. (Phil 2:15)

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