Elective Seminar - West


Public Faith In Public School
by Pastor Barnaby Lee

Seminar Intro: Public school can be a hostile environment for Christian students, similar to how Babylon was a hostile environment for Daniel. You may be wondering, "what can I do to live out my faith at school?" This seminar will highlight unique opportunities you have to reach your school as a Christian student, how to stand firm in your Christian identity, and bring the hope of Christ to the hopeless.

Speaker - Pastor Barnaby Lee

Pastor Barnaby Lee is the Bay Area Director for National School Project and English-Ministry pastor at Spring Fountain Church in Burlingame. National School Project is a mission organization that provides coaching for Christian students in middle & high school in reaching their school with the gospel through Christian clubs. Currently, there are 30 clubs in the Bay Area partnered with the National School Project. Barnaby longs to see revival among the youth of the Bay Area, being raised up as leaders for the Kingdom of God. He is married to his wife Christine, and they enjoy cooking, eating and playing golf together.


For Such a Time as This
by Dr. Jodi Gatlin

Esther 4:14. In the midst of the Babylonian royal palace pressures, Daniel maintained his faithfulness to God. In the midst of the Persian royal palace pressures, both Mordecai and Esther stood up against injustice. Each of us have moments when we must make a choice. Choices to remain faithful to our commitment to Christ, choices to stand up against injustices. How we face these moments, how we walk through these events, will depend on how well we know who we are. An established identity in Christ will prepare us when we face such a time as this.

Speaker - Rev. Dr. Jodi Gatlin

Rev. Dr. Jodi Gatlin is the founding pastor of The Gathering Place Ministries, a community of people who love God and their neighbors as they love themselves. The vision of The Gathering Place is to show Christ’s hospitality to the world by patiently practicing holistic community fellowship. Dr. Gatlin has her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation, a MA in Racial and Intercultural Reconciliation, and Master of Divinity. Her passion is teaching scripture and creating spaces for people to experience the transforming love of Christ.

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Discovering myself and God through creative art-making
by Pastor Hesed Lee

Do you enjoy the creative process? God is the creator of this world. God has created each and every one of us in His unique Imago Dei and with the purpose of our lives. Living in this fast-paced, superficial, and consumerism culture, we have so little time to slow down and notice God and our identity in God. Through this seminar, you will be given a space to think about yourself in God's light and express yourself through creative mediums. We will also have a conversation about the process and what you have discovered through this creative process.

Speaker - Pastor Hesed Lee

Pastor Hesed is currently serving as a youth Pastor at San Jose Korean Presbyterian Church and as a director of Human Resources and Care with Streamside ministry. She graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with Communication Art and finished her Masters in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Talbot Seminary. Currently, she is pursuing her doctoral degree from Portland seminary in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. She has two very active children. Joy just entered high school, and Jayden started 5th grade. She loves spending time in nature, painting, art-making, and going on family trips.


How to achieve academic and spiritual success in your high school years
by pastor Rachel Jin

Managing and achieving success in high school is one of the greatest challenges you will face in life. There are so many demanding responsibilities and pressures of being a high school student in the bay area. In this seminar, pastor Rachel will be sharing her personal life experiences as she navigated through growing up in many different cultures and challenges as a third-culture kid. Come~ let’s brainstorm and reflect together on how you can achieve academic and spiritual success as you journey through your high school years.

Speaker - Pastor Rachel Jin

Pastor Rachel is currently serving as the children's ministry Pastor at New Vision Church and ministers with Streamside Ministry. She is a third-culture kid who grew up in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Korea, and USA. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and completed her MDiv at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She enjoys hanging out with friends, spending time with her husband Min, serving through mission projects, and cooking.

Jess + Eric // LOVE & FAMILY

Worshipping in God’s Presence
by Eric Yun

Has your worship to God ever felt like you were singing into thin air or talking to a wall? The Bible gives us keys to discover and practice the art of worshiping in a way that we can experience the reality of His presence. In this seminar, Eric will give practical steps to progress through three levels of worship:
1. Worshiping Outside God’s Gates 
2. Worshiping In God's Courts 
3. Worshiping In God's Presence
By the end of this seminar, you will be equipped to begin to worship Him in a way that goes beyond a religious performance or task. Worship will become an enjoyable part of your everyday life that increases your quality and capacity of life, and most importantly, grants you a more fruitful relationship with the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Speaker - Eric Yun

Eric Yun is the worship pastor at Renaissance International as well as the founder of Standout Marketing, a design & media agency serving startups and small businesses nationwide. Discovery and creative expression of God’s glory is what he’s born for, whether it be writing music, pastoral ministry, or business consulting. Eric currently resides in Bakersfield, CA with his wife, Jess, and daughters, Zoey, Teya and Zion.


Work as Worship
by Johanna

Why do we work? What is the deeper purpose behind spending nearly our entire lives studying or working? In this seminar we will explore the purpose and meaning of work in light of our faith to develop a more expansive understanding of how deeply God cares about our day-to-day work in the marketplace. I will share from my personal and professional journey as well as from scripture about the inherent value of our work and how being an image bearer of God impacts the work we do. Our work is an important part of our worship! God has a unique and wonderful purpose for your life, and I pray this session will give you practical strategies to fully embrace your calling.

Speaker - Johanna

Johanna is the executive director of the Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and co-founder of a biotech start-up. She has deep experience in launching and leading innovative teams and developing partnerships at the intersection of healthcare and technology. A lifelong PK, Johanna is also passionate about serving as a worship leader and keyboardist. She and her husband Daniel live and serve from the SF Bay Area, with their three energetic children.

Elective Seminar - East

Joon Profile Pic

by Rev. Joon Kim

Speaker - Rev. Joon Kim

Rev. Joon started serving children’s ministry at Korean Church of Queens in New York, when he was 18 years old. At first, he was just a volunteer, who would lead a Bible study class to the Elementary children. Then, it was 2012 when he got the calling to be the pastor, who would preach Jesus, the Word of God, and the truth. As he began Alliance Theological Seminary in New York, he became Elementary Pastor, who oversees Elementary students from 1st grade to 5th grade at his home church (The Korean Church of Queens). For over 7 years at KCQ, Rev. Joon served as the Elementary ministry pastor, as the Saturday school co-director, as the Summer school co-director & director, and as English young adult ministry associate pastor. Then, 2018 to (July) 2021, God called Rev. Joon to Bethany United Methodist Church in New Jersey Wayne, as the Children’s Pastor. Moreover, Rev. Joon is also the co-founder of FrontRowKidMin. It is the place where Rev. Joon and other founders are spending the time to help other leaders by discussing many topics.


by Jonathan Hyung Lee

Speaker - Jonathan Hyung Lee

Jonathan Hyung Lee is husband to Hesed and father to Joy and Jayden. He immigrated to the states when he was 10 years old. He has been an active minister of the Word and his ministry has been focused on building up the leadership of nextgen ministry for Korena Americans. He studied civil engineering at UCLA and received his master of divinity from Talbot seminary emphasis on pastoral care & counseling. Currently, he is pursuing Doctorate of ministry from Portland seminary on global leadership. He serves as teaching and lead pastor for CORE Fellowship (English ministry of SJKPC) and also serves as the president of Streamside ministry, a non-profit mission organization that focuses on sharing the gospel and building up youth for Christ. He loves missions, cooking, traveling, discipleship, fishing, board games, and playing soccer.


by Pastor Moses Kim

Speaker - Pastor Moses Kim

Moses is a passionate learner and a teacher. Moses currently works as the Chief Technology Officer of an online business coaching and learning company, as well as leading the English Ministry at Han Moory Church. Moses ministered to youth and college students for more than 15 years, having serving as a full-time missionary both domestically and overseas. Moses traveled extensively and had the privilege of visiting places like Egypt, Kenya, Jordan, Israel, Italy, England, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, and beyond. Moses is married to Caris (Eunhea) and has three children: Jubilee, Evan, and Lila.


How to listen for God's call on your life by David Kim

Speaker - David Kim

David is a minister currently serving in Southern California. Graduate from University of California, San Diego, with a film degree he has been serving campus and church ministries for over 10 years. He serves as a drummer, praise leader, high school christian coach, and is now studying in Talbot Seminary for his MDiv. graduate degree. He is passionate about helping make sense of the bible and people’s own experiences with God.