Before God Sends Us
by Jessie Park

What is our mission field?

How and at what point does God send us to that field?

In the mind of a Christian, these questions ring loudly on a regular basis. It often appears that our experiences do not seem to indicate a clear pathway forward.

In this seminar, Jessie Park will draw upon her own journey to discuss what it means to trust God and remain faithful to Him as He prepares each person for a mission field. She will testify to God’s divine orchestration and perfect timing in the presence of pain, fear, frustration, and confusion.

Speaker - Jessie Park

Jessie Park is the Nina and Lee Griggs Assistant Curator of European Art at the Yale University Art Gallery. She received her Ph.D. degree in art history from the University of Arizona. She had held curatorial positions and contributed to several critically acclaimed exhibitions at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Huntington in San Marino, CA, and the Harvard Art Museums in Cambridge, MA. A woman of prayer and a peacemaker, Jessie is devoted to a ministry of intercession and restoration of unity in a divided age. She is married to the love of her life, Roy, with whom she raises their beautiful daughter, Allison. 


Following God's Navigation
by Frank Ryou

Are you trusting how God is navigating your life journey? When we are going to a new place, we use a navigation app to reach our destination correctly. For our life journey, God has mapped out a unique course for each of us in "God's Navigation." Although we are given to follow His perfect route, we sometimes take a different path, experiencing various hurdles, and get confused, lost, and frustrated. In this seminar, we will discuss how to overcome when we fall off from the route given by God's navigation and how we can keep our journey on track. Frank Ryou will also share how trusting and relying on God's navigation helped him become who he is now.

Speaker - Frank Ryou

Frank Ryou is a professional Ergonomist, overseeing the health and safety of the workplaces. He received his Ph.D. degree in Occupational Health and Safety at the University of Washington, School of Public Health. He previously worked as a researcher, project manager, and safety engineers at a school, government agency, and industry. Born and raised in South Korea, he came to The United States to attend college to fulfill his passion for helping others with their health and well-being. During his graduate school, God specifically gave him the mission to care for the working population's health and safety. He is married to a beautiful pianist, Esther, and together they are raising a handsome baby boy, Ezra.


Journeying on by stages
by Pastor Jodi Gatlin

In Genesis chapter 12 YHWH calls the elderly Abram and his wife barren wife Sarai to follow him to a land that YHWH will show him, a land where YHWH will make them the parents of a great nation, a nation that will transform the world.  It was a journey that would take almost 40 years, on this journey both Abram and Sarai would make big mistakes, and on this journey both Abram and Sarai would be transformed.  What does their journey teach us about our own journey? What does they journey teach us about following YHWH to the land he will led us on?  

Speaker - Pastor Jodi Gatlin

Pastor Jodi Gatlin is the founding pastor of The Gathering Place Ministries, a community of people who love God and their neighbors as they love themselves. The vision of The Gathering Place is to show Christ’s hospitality to the world by patiently practicing holistic community fellowship. Rev. Gatlin has a MA in Racial and Intercultural Reconciliation, a Master of Divinity, and is currently working on her Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Her passion is teaching scripture and creating spaces for people to experience the transforming love of Christ.

Email: [email protected]

Our lives are not problems to be solved but journeys to be taken with Jesus as our friend and finest guide   ~Henri Nouwen~


Discovering Your Life Mission
by Pastor Cal Coblentz

“Lucy was the homeless teen who rescued my stony heart from its own selfish path.”

We plot a course for our lives, gain skills, education, and independence. We want to launch out into a life that will be happy, secure, and fulfilling. But, sometimes along that path God brings people that will change our trajectory and help us discover our real purpose. Cal will use his own life journey to address the subject of choosing a life that fits with how God made you. Cal will share his experience with homeless teens and with Lucy, who was homeless from age 13 to 18. She is now part of his family, is healing, and discovering her own unique voice in the world.

“Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.” James 1:27 NLT

Speaker - Cal Colentz

Cal Colentz is CEO of Spokane Valley Partners, a social services hub providing $4 million in services annually to Eastern Washington. He is a doctoral candidate at Portland Seminary in Leadership and Spiritual Formation. Cal has been a nonprofit executive for 14 years, a third career after retiring from the Air Force and serving as a pastor. His life purpose is to defend the defenseless.  He and his wife Teri have five children (including Lucy) and eight grandchildren.


Thy Kingdom Come: Christian Faith and Politics
by Pastor Moses Kim

In an increasingly polarizing world, many are finding it exceedingly difficult to talk about politics and faith. Terms like ‘evangelicals’ or ‘conservative Christians’ are treated with contempt and hate. At the same time, social media and news agencies seem to make it increasingly difficult to define such terms positively. Many might have been hurt and confused about how to be Christians during a messy election year. Thus, we ask an essential question: How should Christians engage in politics?

More than ever, we need to recover our ability to engage each other safely. We need to rediscover how to discuss critical yet divisive issues in ways that honor The Name we bear. In this seminar, we will explore not just the Biblical principles but significant historical trends, seeking to widen our perspectives and reimagine how we can become an agent of peace and reconciliation in our shattered and broken world.

Speaker - Pastor Moses Kim

Moses studied Political Science at UCLA and currently serves at Grace Community Church in Metro Vancouver, Canada. Before moving to Canada for further studies, Moses ministered to youth and college students for roughly 15 years, serving as a full-time missionary both domestically and overseas. Moses traveled extensively and had the privilege of visiting places like Egypt, Kenya, Jordan, Israel, Italy, England, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, Mexico, Japan, and beyond. Moses is married to Caris (Eunhea) and has two children, Jubilee and Evan.


What does the Bible say about dating, and why is it relevant to me?
by Pastor Barnaby and Christine

From a young age, it is normal to wonder if, when, and how we will find the "one" and there are many answers offered by the world - but no one input matters as much as God's. Love itself finds its origin and source in God, and He has revealed His design to us, for our good! Through this seminar, you'll hear a comparison of secular dating principles and biblical dating principles, focusing on the relationship between intimacy and commitment. Hear Barnaby and Christine's story of dating before and after being born-again in Christ, and why God cares so much about your love life!

Speaker - Pastor Barnaby and Christine

Christine and Barnaby met in high school, started dating in college and have been happily married since 2017. Christine is a public school teacher in San Mateo and likes cooking new foods, travelling and sudoku. Barnaby is the Bay Area Director for National School Project and enjoys fishing, basketball and cooking. They are members of Spring Fountain Church in Burlingame, where Christine serves as the Children's Minister and Barnaby serves as the English Ministry Pastor.


Finding Hope in Dark Places: Serving the Poor Like Jesus
by Pastor Dominic Abaria

Faithful service to the poor has always been a hallmark of the Christian faith. The early church impacted the world in powerful ways because they cared for people who lived on the fringe of society. This ministry is carried on today by men and women who continue to serve the poor as Jesus did. Those who serve the homeless are messengers of hope, helping bring God's mercy and justice to a broken world.

Speaker - Pastor Dominic Abaria

Dominic Abaria has served as Pastor of Spiritual Care at Portland Rescue Mission for over 8 years. He is a pluviophile (lover of rain!), and lives in East Portland with his wife, Jena, and two little girls. He loves fish tacos and Jesus.  But he definitely loves Jesus more.


The How and Why of Worship
by Worship Pastor Eric Yun

What is worship? How is it done correctly and why do we do it? Why is it always associated with music and singing during church services? By the end of this session, you will know the Who, what, when, where, how, and why of worship. 

Worship is the most powerful interaction that exists both in heaven and on earth, making your worship your most powerful weapon. Eric will share personal stories of what worship looks like in his life through music, relationships, and business to present you a paradigm and tools to give God your wholehearted worship in every area of your life.

Speaker - Worship Pastor Eric Yun

Eric Yun is the worship pastor at Renaissance International as well as the founder of Standout Marketing, a design & media agency serving startups and small businesses nationwide as well as large corporations locally. Discovery and creative expression of God’s glory is what he’s born for, whether it be writing music, pastoral ministry, or business consulting. Eric currently resides in Bakersfield, CA with his wife, Jess, and daughters, Zoey and Teya.


Finding Victory in the Wilderness
by Pastor David Kim

Have you been feeling tired, exhausted, and overwhelmed? Our lives get struck by storms and heaviness all the time. In this seminar, we will explore together to answer some of these questions together : What is the cause? Why am I tired and apathetic? How can I grow out of this cycle and overcome? We will define what it truly means to serve God and His people. God's true desire and design for us is to take off the worldly burden and learn to be joyful and thankful in working to build God's people, advance His purpose and His kingdom, and experience renewal and power that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Speaker - Pastor David Kim

Pastor David Kim is a life long SoCal boy that recently moved to the bay area. He graduated from Talbot Seminary in 2016 and currently serves as the high school pastor at New Vision Church in Milpitas, CA. His life long vision is to know Christ and to make Him known to the glory of God. Deep sea fishing is one of his passions.